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Treatment and prevention

Opt out of needles

In the RK, the use of methadone for the treatment of drug addicts will be expanded. During the two-day meeting of the round table, the expert group developed mechanisms for access to MMT treatment for participants. Different situations were considered. Including, if the patient suddenly gets to the hospital and thus independently can not reach the delivery point of the drug. What to do in this situation? Now doctors have to take the patient to the drug addiction clinics, as by the rules he should take the dose only there. The participants of the working group tried to solve similar problems by changing the intradepartmental rules of the interested bodies. At the end of the event, relevant recommendations were developed, which will be sent to the Ministry of Health and Social development for consideration.

Temirtau police teach women addicted to drugs the basics of jurisprudence

Women who are registered in medical institutions and are treated for drug addiction, are taught to write applications, complaints and correctly express their arguments on paper. Also part of the classes is devoted to the observance of a healthy lifestyle. - Memorandum on conducting lessons for 12 drug dependent women was concluded between the Temirtau DIA and the public association "My House". "The goal of the lessons is to increase the legal literacy among the drug dependent population and reduce the crime situation in this environment", said Svetlana Garkusha, an inspector for the protection of women against violence in the Temtau DIA. Once a week for two hours during three months she trains women the ability to make requests, applications and complaints.

Police of Almaty held the action "Healthy City"

Almaty police is taking measures to increase the effectiveness of prevention to counter drug addiction and drug trafficking. In this regard, law enforcement agencies  actively use effective forms of interaction with the pupulation. "As part of the implementation of the plan to hold events dedicated to the International Day Against Drug Addiction, approved by the deputy akim of Almaty, the employees of our unit carried out the action "Healthy City!", which was eagerly supported by representatives of major shopping and entertainment centers in Almaty. Information and educational magazines "Narco Post" and "The Future Without Drugs" aimed at preventing drug addiction and involving the younger generation in a healthy lifestyle were distributed among TRC visitors", said police colonel Daulet Kazkeev, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty.