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Annual review of materials in the Internet devoted to the issues of substance abuse and responses in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Drug policy

Kazakhstan intend to improve legislation to combat synthetic drugs

Currently in Kazakhstan in law 27 types of synthetic drugs are banned. However, according to Head of Department to combat drug trafficking MIA RK Sultan Kusetova the approach of the regular identification and inclusion in the list of new psychoactive substances are not effective, as in the laboratories regularly "legitimate" new ones are created. To solve this problem it will be possible with the adoption of the law, which will block new types of synthetic chemicals, identifying them as the analogues of existing ones Today.kz reports.

Dariga Nazarbayeva: We need to develop the production of cannabis under strict state control

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva held a meeting, which cover the issues of scientific research on the chemical cleaning of the cannabis drugs for use in industrial and medical purposes. According to the Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Albert Rau, the cannabis processing scheme is proposed, which resulted that bagasse containing a narcotic substance is destroyed.

Drug use

In Uralsk spice is actively offered under the guise of chocolate

In various parts of Uralsk strange ads appeared: the word "chocolate", which follows with mobile phone number and a smiley face. Similarly, traders sell the smoking mixture "Spice". Police admitted that they still can not keep up with the sellers of synthetic cannabinoids, as they have a large set of formulas.

"Pharmacy" drug conquers Kazakh youth

A new drug from the pharmacy - cyclopentolate hydrochloride conquers youth in Kazakhstan. Medicine "Tsiklomed" used in ophthalmology, drug users also have adapted to use it intranasally and have fun. Dinar's 24-year-old son living in Almaty during four years used such drugs. For convenience, the medicine he pours into the vial with the inscription "Naphthyzinum". He says he drops supposedly soothe nervous after work. Odorless substance is difficult to detect in the blood and contains in a convenient and completely unnoticed vial.


Synthetic, or, as they are called, "designer" drugs have become a real scourge of our time. They are synthetic substances designed specifically to circumvent the law, the properties of which are identical to natural drugs, such as opiates or cannabinoids. In Kazakhstan, according to the police, they are not produced, and supplied mainly from Southeast Asia, and most from China. There are many foreign websites, where it is possible to order a pre-payment of goods through electronic payment systems. To deal with this is very difficult, since the "chemists" change the formula at all times, and law enforcement agencies simply do not have time to bring them into the register of banned substances.


The child stepped on a needle - parents went to attack drug addicts and sex workers

Residents of Almaty districts need to rid their yards from the onslaught of drug addicts and sex workers. People say that the sex workers have moved from the famous Seifullin street on the small streets and houses and are not going to stop their activity. They joined those who use drugs. Almaty residents resent: all the courtyards and playgrounds littered with syringes. To held the meeting and declare war they were pushed with egregious example - the child ran into the needle.

Residents of Astana together with the police struggling with drug addicts in the hallways

Residents of Astana daily report on mobile phones precinct police inspectors and UEC DIA about committed crimes and offenses. Along with the police people decided to deal with drug addicts in the hallways. As it turned out, this initiative is yielding positive results, conveys Today.kz with reference to the press service of the DIA Astana.

Treatment and prevention

Opt out of needles

In the RK, the use of methadone for the treatment of drug addicts will be expanded. During the two-day meeting of the round table, the expert group developed mechanisms for access to MMT treatment for participants. Different situations were considered. Including, if the patient suddenly gets to the hospital and thus independently can not reach the delivery point of the drug. What to do in this situation? Now doctors have to take the patient to the drug addiction clinics, as by the rules he should take the dose only there. The participants of the working group tried to solve similar problems by changing the intradepartmental rules of the interested bodies. At the end of the event, relevant recommendations were developed, which will be sent to the Ministry of Health and Social development for consideration.

Temirtau police teach women addicted to drugs the basics of jurisprudence

Women who are registered in medical institutions and are treated for drug addiction, are taught to write applications, complaints and correctly express their arguments on paper. Also part of the classes is devoted to the observance of a healthy lifestyle. - Memorandum on conducting lessons for 12 drug dependent women was concluded between the Temirtau DIA and the public association "My House". "The goal of the lessons is to increase the legal literacy among the drug dependent population and reduce the crime situation in this environment", said Svetlana Garkusha, an inspector for the protection of women against violence in the Temtau DIA. Once a week for two hours during three months she trains women the ability to make requests, applications and complaints.

Police of Almaty held the action "Healthy City"

Almaty police is taking measures to increase the effectiveness of prevention to counter drug addiction and drug trafficking. In this regard, law enforcement agencies  actively use effective forms of interaction with the pupulation. "As part of the implementation of the plan to hold events dedicated to the International Day Against Drug Addiction, approved by the deputy akim of Almaty, the employees of our unit carried out the action "Healthy City!", which was eagerly supported by representatives of major shopping and entertainment centers in Almaty. Information and educational magazines "Narco Post" and "The Future Without Drugs" aimed at preventing drug addiction and involving the younger generation in a healthy lifestyle were distributed among TRC visitors", said police colonel Daulet Kazkeev, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty.

Drug crime

22 kilograms of drugs seized during the special operation of the National Security Committee and the DIA in Aktau

More than 20 kilograms of drugs were seized during the special operation in Aktau. Four men, two of whom were residents of the Zhambyl region, were detained by employees of the Anti-Drug Administration of the Mangistau Region Department of Internal Affairs. In the car "Lada Priora", which was detained, it was found more than six kilograms of marijuana. During the investigation, another 16 kilograms of the drug were confiscated from the apartment of one of the detainees. The total weight of the detected drugs is 22 kilograms. According to the DIA, marijuana was brought to the southern regions of the country from the border Kyrgyzstan. Then it was brought to Aktau.

Ecstasy for 15 million tenge was confiscated from a resident of Astana

The Ecstasy was seized from a resident of Astana for 15 million tenge, Tengrinews.kz correspondent reports with reference to the official representative of the State Revenue Committee. On the page in Facebook, the representative of the SRC, Murat Zhumanbek, published information that the employees of the Economic Investigation Service of the SRC had stopped a large supply channel for synthetic drugs. "On December 1, 2016, the employees of the Economic Investigation Service of the SRC of the Ministry of Finance of the RK stopped a large smuggling channel for synthetic narcotic drugs, for example, officers of the SRC detained a resident of Astana, citizen S., who was seized 981 pills with the content of the psychotropic substance methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy).

Almaty police closed two websites saling ecstasy and cocaine

It is about the Internet resources, under the guise of which there were stable criminal groups. It was established operatively that psychotropic substances and synthetic drugs MDMA, ecstasy and cocaine were supplied to Almaty from the Russian Federation. "The operative and investigative ways proved their involvement in a series of drug offenses, which consisted in the distribution of drugs through the Internet, the submission of ads, the processing of orders and the delivery of goods. For potential buyers, the defendants made "bookmarks", and used a non-cash form of payment. In other criminal episodes where the suspect is a citizen of the Russian Federation who came from the Irkutsk region, the goods arrived at the addressee by means of mail messages. This drug delivery channel was tracked and blocked by us. At this stage, purposeful work is being carried out to identify synthetic drug supply channels to the region", said police colonel Azamat Sadyrov, head of the Department of Combating Drug Trafficking in the Almaty Department of Internal Affairs.

In Kazakhstan, the international drug group that supplied Afghan heroin from Kyrgyzstan was liquidated

At the Kazakhstan cities - Kostanay, Rudny, Lisakovsk, Karaganda - 15 participants of an international criminal group, who supplied drugs during two years to the northern regions of the country, were simultaneously detained. According to information disseminated on Tuesday, an operation to eliminate the international channel for the supply of Afghan heroin was held on April 7 by the department of the anti-drug struggeling of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the department for combating drug trafficking in the Kostanay region, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports referring to the press service of the RK.

International cooperation

The President of Kazakhstan proposed the creation of the Eurasian transit-transport hub

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This was reported by the press service of Akorda. During his speech, the President put forward a number of initiatives. Nursultan Nazarbayev also expressed support for the adoption of the Anti-Drug Strategy of the SCO member states for 2017-2022 and the Program of Action. "We propose to conduct a joint preventive action by the SCO and the Central Asian Regional Information Coordination Center under the motto "Together Against Drugs", said the President of Kazakhstan. The President noted that the entry of India and Pakistan into the SCO marks a qualitatively new stage in the development of the Organization, reflecting the growth of its authority and role in the international arena.

MIA RK and the US Federal Drug Enforcement Agency signed an agreement

In Washington, an official ceremony of signing an agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States of America on cooperation in the fight against illicit trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogs and precursors, reports Today.kz with reference to the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Two agencies will be able to exchange information on countering illicit drug trafficking, hold joint events, including monitoring of controlled deliveries.

Kazakhstan and CSTO countries will not legalize "light drugs"

The countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and Kazakhstan as its member will not legalize "light drugs", Kazinform correspondent reports. "We are developing common positions in terms of what we observe in the world: there is a legalization of light drugs, and an increasing number of countries are joining this trend and adopting laws for this trend. For our countries, this situation is not acceptable. At least, we are not considering this in the near future", said Igor Zubov, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the 18th meeting of the Coordinating Council of Heads of Competent Authorities for Countering Drug Trafficking of States- Members of the CSTO, held in Astana.