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A resident of Akmola region in secret from his mother made their apartment as drugs dens

Den existed from June to October 2014, the press service of DIA Akmola region. Having a criminal record Stepnogorsk resident who has a manufacturer extraction of opium artisanal way for his own use and sale. Men is also often rented his apartment for addicts, and as payment for housing sometimes took drugs. Law enforcement officers conducted a complex search operations based on "operative purchase of" narcotic substance. As a result drug seller was arrested and found in his apartment and seized food poppy, drugs, solvents and items used in the manufacture of the drug.

Drug addict found dead in the stairwell

Terrible discovery found the tenants in the Esenberlin street №38 in Astana. A man born in 1983, was found dead in the apartment building between the second and third floors, reports Astinfo.kz. Coming closer, residents saw that from his pocket a syringe was sticking. Neighbors immediately called an ambulance and the police arrived at the scene but doctors could only ascertain death. It is known that 31-year-old man used drugs. Possible cause of death - an overdose.

Sect operated under the guise of a rehabilitation center in Kazakhstan

Police identified unregistered religious organizations in the Pavlodar region, which operated under the guise of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics in the village Sychevka, according to news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan referring to the IAD of Pavlodar region. "A religious association was veiled under the secular. As established research center for analysis and development of inter-confessional relations in the management of religious affairs of Pavlodar region, the association is destructive and harmful to the physical and mental health of children and persons on "rehabilitation", - said in a statement.

Drug abuse and domestic violence are inseparable

Recently Aktobe police detained a drug addict, in his jacket pocket they has discovered heroin. Arrest was most pleased at his own wife - a frequent guest inspectors to protect women from violence. This woman - a typical victim of domestic violence, told me that her husband was not working regularly pricked under the influence of drugs grabs the knife - shared with the "Caravan," the spokesperson Ardager UAYDIN from Region Police. - Living in constant fear, she came to us to pour out the soul, but to write a statement on her husband adamantly refused. We provided her only with psychological help.